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The future starts here. CoinsPlus.biz is a leading investment and cryptocurrency & Forex trading firm based in UK. We specialize in large-cap cryptocurrencies and major Forex markets. Our trading specialists and investment professionals average over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our board of investment and trade research specialists includes experienced traders with a great amount of institutional exposure at top financial and banking institutions and are constantly working on implementing the most effective and advanced trading technology and competitive services for our clients. READ MORE

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Who We Are

This is a reliable platform where you invest your money in Bitcoin and your Bitcoin investment undergoes a regular mining operation 24hrs/day making it possible for you to increase your financial capacity. 

This platform helps you to stay financially relevant, it gives you a financial freedom and also, it helps you to secure a financial future. 

The platform is stress-free and it gives you time to attend to your other needs.
Our Job at coinsplus.biz is to guide and show our clients how to invest and make money through this plartform without the need of a third party.

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Why members invest in our site?

Our primary focus is on rapid-growth markets

Daily Charges
Your deposit works for you exactly indefinitely, and accruals are made every day

Stable income
We work around the clock - this means that your money is constantly in circulation and your profit grows every hour.

Daily payments
Getting your profit is very simple - you make out an application in your personal account and in a moment receive money for your wallet.

Professional team
We have many years of experience working on stock exchanges and in the sphere of cryptocurrency mining – you can entrust your investments to us

Comfort and protection
Your charges are displayed in your personal cabinet, you can access it from any device, and all your accounts are securely encrypted.

24/7 Support
Our managers are always ready to answer the questions you are interested in - contact us in any convenient way and you will receive the necessary information.

Why you should use our service?

We are providing world class investment return with may type of features. Our Limited offer is an array of investment products. Our primary focus is on rapid-growth markets.

Some numerical data

Discover our projects and the rigorous process of creation. Our principles are creativity, design, experience and knowledge. We are backed by 20 years of research.


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Checkout our best investment plans


3% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $100
  • Minimum Investment $51
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 30 Day(s)


4% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $3000
  • Minimum Investment $101
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 30 Day(s)


5% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $6000
  • Minimum Investment $3001
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 30 Day(s)


6% Profit
  • Maximum Investment $100000
  • Minimum Investment $6001
  • Plan Type Recurring
  • Investment Daily
  • Duration 30 Day(s)

Quick withdrawal system

“You cannot discover new oceans until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” (André Gide, AUTHOR). 


Quick deposit system

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt 


Member to member fund transfer

Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” ― Richard Cushing



Never let anything slow or stop you from reaching your goals. The sky is the limit! — Myles Jury



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Successful investment secrete

  • High Investment Plans
  • Premium Customer Support
  • Internal Fund Transfer
  • Quick Withdrawal available

We create the future. This is how we would define the main activity of the company coinsplus.biz. Cryptocurrency - in particular Bitcoin - the future of the global financial market. And now we are engaged in the extraction of one of the most valuable resources, which allows us to get maximum profits today. Exchange trade in cryptocurrency is a way of converting opportunities into real money. We invite everyone to join us on the road to success and financial independence

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Referral Commission System

Referral Level Min-Max Referral %
First 1-5 5%
Second 6-15 7%
Third 16-1000 10%

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